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Pacific West Capital Group, Inc.
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Pacific West Capital Group, Inc. (PWCG) is a California corporation that facilitates the sale of interests in life settlements. 

According to the SEC1, a "life settlement is a transaction in which an individual with a life insurance policy sells that policy to another person, who then assumes responsibility for paying the premiums. Typically, the seller no longer wants the policy or can no longer afford to pay the premiums. In exchange, the insured party typically receives a lump sum payment that exceeds the policy's cash surrender value, but is less than the expected payout in the event of death."

Why would a policy owner wish to sell a life insurance policy2?

Due to changed family or other circumstances, a life insurance policy owner may no longer need the insurance provided by the policy. A spouse may have died, children may have grown up, or a company with life insurance on a key officer may have been sold or gone out of business. Other policy owners may have difficulty making premium payments or simply need cash. In such circumstances, many policy owners surrender their policies or let their policies lapse by ceasing to make premium payments. Selling a policy to an investor may be another alternative. Such sales may be made through life settlement brokers who charge commissions.

SEC Warning
2: Under certain circumstances, the investor may not receive the death benefit. For example
  • The life insurance company that issued the policy may refuse to pay out the death benefit if it believes the policy was sold under fraudulent circumstances.
  • The heirs of the insured may challenge the life settlement or
  • the insurance company may go out of business.
We recommend this ONLY for those who have "high risk capital" they can afford to lose.  IF you can not afford to lose this money, then stick to CDs with FDIC insurance.

Pacific West Capital Group, Inc. Contact Information
Pacific West Capital Group
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 360
Los Angeles, CA 90067


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