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Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC
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February, 2012: WARNING!!!!  The commissions for these "structured" products are extremely high.  We got a letter saying we could get as much as a $20,000 commission for selling one of their $50,000 annuities!  That is 40% commission compared to the "typical" 5% commission rate! 
It may seem impossible at first glance, but you can earn as much as $20,000 on the sale of a $50,000 annuity - one that you would normally expect to earn just $2,500.
A structured settlement is money from an account that you didn’t start, but own due to a court case or a class action settlement. That money is given back to you in increments over a set period of time.

Woodbridge Structured Funding,
                                  LLC.How does Woodbridge get these products?  They go out and buy monthly and yearly structured payments from lawsuit settlements, lottery winnings, casino jackpots and all other types of annuities where the owner of the annuity needs to cash out.  Their website says:
If you are currently receiving monthly or annual payments from a structured settlement, lottery or casino jackpot, or any other kind of annuity, there’s no reason to wait for your money. Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC will buy your payments for cash!
If you think you want one of these, we recommend:
  1. Demand they put all fees and commissions they will get in writing
  2. Pay a CPA to run the numbers for you to determine who much commission you will pay and if they are aware of any "cheaper" products to do the same for less.
For safety, we always recommend  CDs with FDIC insurance.

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Article: Beware of Annuities

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