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EverBank CD Rates
==> CD Rates at EverBank as of 2/27/18 <==
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Term APY*
3 month 1.25%
6 month 1.45%
9 month 1.60%
1 year 2.00%
1.5 year 2.12%
2 year 2.27%
2.5 year 2.30%
3 year 2.40%
4 year 2.50%
5 year 2.65%

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* APYs shown for balances up to $1 million. Call for additional rates. 

EverBank Contact Information
EverBank Plaza - Corporate Headquarters
501 Riverside Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32202
      888.882.EVER (3837)
Option '3' to open a new bank account
Option '4' for service on an existing bank account

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Current Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates and terms at EverBank. You can often get higher than advertised rates at your local EverBank branch if you do your homework. Print out our "Highest CD Rate Survey" and bring it in with you. Print out some of the rates advertised on web sites competing with EverBank so you have proof.
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It costs money to get new accounts so Banks often give you a deal if you are ready to walk out the door with a cashier's check after you close your CD.  Print out our "Highest CD Rate Survey" and bring it in with you to better negotiate for top rates

Definition:  A Certificate of Deposit or CD is certificate from a bank stating that the named party has a specified sum on deposit, usually for a given period of time at a fixed rate of interest.  Often there is a penalty for early withdrawal (taking your money out before the specified period of time.)
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