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Current Rates for Savings Accounts with FDIC

Savings Account Rates as of November 24, 2009

1.70% at American Express Bank, FSB
Online Savings Account. No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance

1.70 % at CapitalOne
Online Savings Account. $2,500 Minimum Balance for this Rate

1.64 % at Ally Bank
Online Savings Account. No minimum, no monthly fees.

1.51 % at WTDirect
Online Savings Account. $10,000 Min Balance for this Rate.

1.50% at ING Direct
Electric Orange Checking; $50,000 Minimum Balance for this Rate

1.35% at Zions Bank
Money Market Account. $1,000 Minimum Deposit. $2,500 Balance Requirement.

1.35% at HSBC Direct
Online Savings Account. No Fees. No Minimum Balance 

1.25% at Univest Direct
Anytime Savings Account. No Monthly Min Balance. No Fees.

1.15% at E-Loan
Online Savings. $10,000 Minimum Balance for this Rate.


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Note 1: Bank Ranking and assets data from Feb. 2009 article "The Top 12 U.S. Banks: From Zombies to Hidden Gems" by Martin Hutchinson plus my own research that showed HSBC US should be on the list.  Rates listed are for $10,000.



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