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February 26, 2014:

Our Survey Leader is "CIT Bank " at 0.90% with no minimum balance and 0.95% for $25,000 or more

Series I Bonds (issued by the US Treasury) now pay 1.38% for 6 months:  See iBond Rates

Today's savings account rates at banks we recommend:

Savings Account Rates (APY) as of February 26, 2014

0.90% at GE Capital Bank
Online Savings, no hidden fees & No minimum balances
0.90% at Barclays Bank
Online Savings, no hidden fees & No minimum balances
0.90% at CIT Bank
 $100 Minimum; 0.95% APY for balances over $25K
0.90% at Palladian Private Bank
$10,000 minimum balances
0.87% at Ally Bank
Online Savings Account - No minimum, no monthly fees.
0.85% at FNBO Direct
Online Savings Account. No Min Deposit. No Maintenance Fees.
0.85% at at Discover Bank
  Online Savings Account, No Monthly Fees, $500 Minimum Balance
0.85% at Mutual of Omaha Bank
Online Money Market savings $5,000 min balance to earn APY
0.80% at American Express Bank, FSB
Online Savings Account, No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance
0.80% at Sallie Mae Bank
High Yield Savings Account, No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Balance
0.90% in Money Market Account with check writing
0.65% at  StarOne Credit Union
Money Market Savings Account, $50 minimum, no monthly fees.
0.75% at  CapitalOne360 Bank was ING Direct
360 Savings Account. No Fees. No Minimum Balance.
ING Direct was sold to Capital One!
0.01% at HSBC Direct
Online Savings Account. No Fees. $1 to open, $0.01 Minimum Balance 


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Ally Bank American Express Bank, FSB BofA Bank of America
CapitalOne 360 Bank GE Capital Bank Mutual of Omaha Bank
Discover Bank E-Loan EverBank HSBC Direct
ING Direct Sallie Mae Bank Schwab Bank CIT Bank
Univest Direct Wachovia
Wells Fargo

Nationwide Bank Palladian Private Bank Zions Bank

Make sure you read the article: Beware of Annuities

Note 1: Savings account rates may change at any time.  The data here is for information only in the hope it drives banks to raise rates to better compete for your hard earned savings dollars.  We believe it is reliable on the date we publish, but it can change at any time.

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