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Vanguard Money Market Funds We Like
SEC Yield (Notes) as of 12/1/2022
Ticker Minimum Investment
SEC Yield
Vanguard Cash Reserves Admiral Money Market Fund VMRXX  $3,000
Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund
VMFXX  $3,000 3.69%
Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund
VUSXX $3,000
Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund
VMSXX  $3,000 1.72%
Vanguard California Municipal Money Market FundVCTXX  $3,000 1.38%

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How can I contact Vanguard?
  • Online at https://investor.vanguard.com/home/

  • Phone 800-528-4999   Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Eastern time

  • By U.S. Mail: Vanguard, P.O. Box 1110,Valley Forge, PA 19482-1110

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Note 1: These rates may change at any time.  The data here is for information only in the hope it drives banks to raise rates to better compete for your hard earned savings dollars.  We believe it is reliable on the date we publish, but it can change at any time.

Note 2: The SEC yield for a money market fund is calculated by annualizing its daily income distributions for the previous 7 days.