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2000-2006 Failed Banks List
Lists of FDIC Bank Failures for 2000-2006
updated July 23, 2012
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Table of FDIC bank closures with Failed Bank name, city, state, acquiring institution and date of bank closure.   

Bank Name with
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Acquiring Institutions
Closing Date
Bank of Ephraim Ephraim UT Far West Bank June 25, 2004
Reliance Bank White Plains NY Union State Bank March 19, 2004
Guaranty National Bank of Tallahassee Tallahassee FL Hancock Bank of Florida March 12, 2004
Dollar Savings Bank Newark NJ No Acquirer February 14, 2004
Pulaski Savings Bank Philadelphia PA Earthstar Bank November 14, 2003
First National Bank of Blanchardville Blanchardville WI The Park Bank May 9, 2003
Southern Pacific Bank Torrance CA Beal Bank February 7, 2003
Farmers Bank of Cheneyville Cheneyville LA Sabine State Bank & Trust December 17, 2002
Bank of Alamo Alamo TN No Acquirer November 8, 2002
AmTrade International Bank
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Atlanta GA No Acquirer September 30, 2002
Universal Federal Savings Bank Chicago IL Chicago Community Bank June 27, 2002
Connecticut Bank of Commerce Stamford CT Hudson United Bank June 26, 2002
New Century Bank Shelby Township MI No Acquirer March 28, 2002
Net 1st National Bank Boca Raton FL Bank Leumi USA March 1, 2002
NextBank, NA Phoenix AZ No Acquirer February 7, 2002
Oakwood Deposit Bank Co. Oakwood OH The State Bank & Trust Company February 1, 2002
Bank of Sierra Blanca Sierra Blanca TX The Security State Bank of Pecos January 18, 2002
Hamilton Bank, NA
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Miami FL Israel Discount Bank of New York January 11, 2002
Sinclair National Bank Gravette AR Delta Trust & Bank September 7, 2001
Superior Bank, FSB Hinsdale IL Superior Federal, FSB July 27, 2001
Malta National Bank Malta OH North Valley Bank May 3, 2001
First Alliance Bank & Trust Co. Manchester NH Southern New Hampshire Bank & Trust February 2, 2001
National State Bank of Metropolis Metropolis IL Banterra Bank of Marion December 14, 2000
Bank of Honolulu Honolulu HI Bank of the Orient October 13, 2000

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